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100M Portable LCD Fish Finder

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Start Fishing More Accurately!

This is the best fishing accessory ever. The mobile Fish Finder is accurate, simple to use, and makes fishing so much more enjoyable. It’s the perfect answer for those that use different boats often, canoes, or fish off a pier. Enjoy the activity and get more, bigger catches! Not only is the Fish Finder 100% mobile, but you can mount it on your boat too! It simply does it all and it does it accurately! 

  • Detects fish, bottom terrain, slopes, weeds, grass, rocks, up to 300 feet
  • Detects fish at specific depths
  • High/Low sensitivity setting can be adjusted for the size of fish you're looking for
  • Depth reading in meters or feet
  • Perfect for using in friends boats, canoes, docks, or even ice fishing
  • Sonar Sensor Float Included - Great when fishing off bridges or overhangs
  • LED Backlight for early morning or nighttime use
  • 45-degree Sonar Sensor Beam w/ float
  • An audible fish alarm can be turned on/off