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3-in-1 Mini Kitchen Colander

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  • Conventional colanders and sieves are massive. They're best for draining potatoes and pasta, but not good for getting liquid out of cans, which may lead to a lot more wasted water and a messy kitchen. Well, all you need is this 3-in-1 Mini Kitchen Colander on the can, and a good shake to flush out any residue inside with a small amount of tap water.

  • Mini Kitchen Colander fits and works with any size of the can, lets you quickly drain, strain, and contain food without worrying about making a mess or wasting as much water as a conventional colander.

    Main Features

    • Leaving Only What You Want
      Sick of using a full-size colander to drain chickpeas, kidney beans, and tinned fruit, our 3-in-1 Mini Kitchen Colander is specifically designed to fit cans that fully removed all residue inside, leaving only clean food behind, makes cooking fast, clean, and efficient.
    • Perfect to Drain, Strain, Contain
      Compact and colorful, Kitchen Colander is made from silicone, flexible, food-grade, and high-temperature resistant. Each of the water-droplet shaped holes has been sized to allow the maximum flow of water both into and out of a can, without letting any of the food escape from inside.

    • Easily Pops Onto All Standard-sized Cans
      Mini Kitchen Colander gives a nice secure seal, which means you can shake the contents to get rid of all residue inside without it flying off. Specifically fit cans that fully removed all residue inside, leaving only clean food behind.
    • A Versatile Kitchen Expert
      Beyond this, there are so many extra uses for it, as a citrus-fruit juicer - just place half a lemon or lime inside and crush with your hand to catch the pips but release all that juice or hold above and catch the pips! Even been used to solve these problems such as the blocked drains, or leaving a greasy mess behind when you place a utensil on the side.

    • Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Organized
      The compact size makes it perfect for every kitchen - big or small. They can be stacked without taking up too much space on the draining board or dishwasher, too often utensil drawers are crammed, but with our 3-in-1 Mini Kitchen Colander, you can easily retract a colander without sending pots and pans crashing to the floor!


      More Surprises Waiting For You

      • To open lids on tough jars;
      • As a basket to poach eggs (the egg white can't escape from the holes once it starts cooking!);
      • As a herb-infuser to place inside a pan of boiling water.


        Material Silicone
        Function Draining, Strain and Contain
        Product Weight
        • 50G
        Product Size 73MM
        Package Contents
        • 1 × Mini Kitchen Colander


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