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3 Piece Postpartum Support Belly Band

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✅ Slim That Postpartum Belly Down without an Operation!
✅ Speeds Up Uterus & Core Recovery
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Why Are Customers Going Crazy Over Our Postpartum Belt?

  • Abdominal Slimming: Are you struggling to lose some of that baby weight? Or just have postnatal belly? Our brace helps reshape and realign your body back to how you love it!

  • Helps Posture: There's no questions that pregnancy can take a toll on your back. Our brace helps fix bad posture from your pregnancy and realigns your back to where it should be.

  • Stretchy & Comfortable Design: Our brace is designed to help aid the healing process after birth. This brace helps your body and its internal organs heal after pregnancy. 

  • Secure & Protected: Have an issue with our brace or just don't like it? Contact support for a full refund within 30 days.

  • Safe For C-Section: So many new moms ask about C-Sections and if this belt will still work even for C-Section deliveries. The answer is, yes! Many of our customers had C-Section deliveries and used this belt to help aid healing afterwards

  • Invisible Under Clothing: Nobody wants a big bulky belt to be showing right? Our belts are slim and elastic and made so that you can wear them under everyday clothing!

 Our Amazing Customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I Had My Baby a Long Time Ago, Can I Still Wear This?

A: Absolutely! The great part about our belt is that no matter when you had your baby, the belt still acts as a waist trainer. The best part is, it comes in three pieces so that is can shift and shape to your exact figure.

Q: I Had a C-Section, Can I Still Wear This?

A: Yes! In fact, our belts can actually be super beneficial to the healing process. We recommend that the incision areas are bandaged and you are wearing a t-shirt underneath our belt if you had a C-section. We recommend always consulting with your Doctor first if you are uncertain.

Q: When Can I Start Wearing this?

A: We've had customers start wearing our belts as little as a few days after giving birth! We recommend always consulting with your Doctor first if you are uncertain.

Q: How will I know if it fits?

A: Our Postnatal straps are quite stretchy so sizing usually isn't an issue. For more information on sizing you can scroll up to our sizing chart above.

Q: Can I get this in stores?

A: Unfortunately we are still working on our in store stock, so currently it is not sold in stores and can only be purchased here!