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360 Degree Magnetic Car Mount – Make Your Phone Stay Put!

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It happens often that we need to keep checking our phone screens for the directions. It could be risky while one is doing that while driving. The 360 Degree Magnetic Car Mount is a very simple, efficient and smart solution to this problem. The product comes with two magnets. One of the magnets is to be fixed at the back of your phone, over the phone-cover and the other one is to be fixed in the car from where you want to keep an eye on your screen. The magnet that you fix in the car has a mount which can be further adjusted according to your viewing angle and the phone can be rotated as well according to your convenience. The magnet has a strong absorption which makes it more durable and your phone would not drop either. If you have company while you are driving, they can watch something entertaining on the phone and enjoy the ride.


  • Help keep the phone stable as you drive
  • Navigating through GPS has been made more convenient
  • Looking at the phone screen while driving has been made safer
  • You can rotate your screen all the way to 360 degree
  • You can have both the portrait and the landscape mode
  • The phone will be fixed to the car via a magnet
  • Suitable for all kinds of phones
  • Viewing Angle is adjustable


  • Can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Strong absorption magnets