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3D Wooden Puzzle Lock

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Octagon lock
Lilac lock
Football lock
Hero lock
Interlocking lock
Rocker lock
Unlock key
Barrel lock
Kongming lock
Six lock
Luban lock
Plum lock
Treasure lock
Three-way lock
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Get more focused and accurate than ever and exercise your mind! This 3D Wooden Puzzle Lock acts as a fun, brain sharpening tool, which will keep your mental abilities in tip-top shape.

The ultimate game you want to get your hands on. They are a rich and eclectic mix of problem solving conundrums, each with their own thinking processes and logical movements. This also makes the perfect gift for anyone - for every occasion! Perfect for kids and adults of all ages for Christmas gifts, office gifts, etc. 3D brain teaser they can take anywhere - even on the airplane!


  • Challenging but good for the brain. The lock may look simple, but it contains lots of mysteries. Easy to take apart and difficult to reassemble. Not only can it enhance your ability, and can even be an extraordinary plan.
  • Help relax your mind. Nowadays everyone get stress for a lot of different reasons. This toy could be a relaxing challenge. This educational toy provides a tough challenge but also allows you to relieve stress, relax your mood, and enjoys brain stimulation; fun for families, students, and children.
  • Puzzle game for anyone, to play anywhere. This brain teaser learning toy for kids is great to use in the home, in the classroom, and while traveling. It's the perfect gift for families that want to play and learn together while having a great time. This puzzle box is sturdy, compact, and very portable.
  • Best Christmas gift or birthday present. This geometric puzzle block toy is a wonderful gift for kids that encourages them to put aside their video games and devices for a while and build critical thinking skills. This is a learning toy that can engage them in car rides, plane rides, summer time, and anytime you want to encourage intellectual development. Best gift for Christmas, birthday present, or any holiday gift giving occasion. Makes a wonderful present and challenging logic puzzle for adults too!


  • Puzzle Style: 3D PUZZLE
  • Style: Geometric Shapes
  • Material: Wood


  • 1 x 3D Wooden Puzzle Lock