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3pcs Footwear Washing Bags

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Prevent The Shoes From Winding Up During Washing & Reserve The ‘Spick & Span’ Look Of Your Shoes!

Do your shoes get damaged after washing? Try this 3pcs Footwear Washing Bags! Specially designed to wash your shoes in the simplest way. Round sponge design and fine mesh, allow water and detergent to get through with no snagging. Drop them In your washing machine, and get them back as good as new in minutes!

Product Features:

PROTECT YOUR SHOES:Shoes these days are made from textile materials or knitted yarn, which can be damaged while you wash it with your washing machine. With this safe washing bags, you can prevent the shoes from deformation, cracking. Moreover, it prevents lint formation and piling on the wool or textile base. Keep your footwear safe in the laundry!
VARIOUS APPLICATIONS:You can use the bag not only in a washing machine but also as packing clothes during the travel. Furthermore, suitable for keeping items separate. If you travel from place to place, you can carry this to separate your necessities.
EXTRA LIFE OF EXPENSIVE SHOES:Most of us end up brushing our footwear to wash them by hand. Our laundry bag can be the best companion to keep your favorite pair of shoes effortlessly clean with a washing machine.
CONVENIENCE OF DRYING:You do not need to remove shoes from this laundry bag after washing. Just hang your sneakers with the bag in the shade and let those dry through its crisp, ventilated walls.
SAVE YOUR TIME:Save your time by quickly dropping the laundry bags in the washing machine to get them back. You donâ have to find your shoes with this laundry bag.

EASY TO USE:Itâ literally easy to wash your footwear with this bag. Zip it, wash it, and dry it without any freaking mess.