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4D Shaping High-elastic Stovepipe Pantyhose

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Enjoy Moderate Compression Benefits - Provides mild (8-15mmHg) to moderate (15-20mmHg) compression which helps improve blood flow & prevent the development of varicose veinsReshape your thigh and calf curves.

Tone & shape your legs while impress with intense holographic detailing with High-elastic Stovepipe socks. Guaranteed to turn heads as you enjoy the ultra soft maximum comfort!

Our High-elastic Stovepipe socks are made from the highest quality of Nylon and Acrylic to ensure high elasticity & anti-hook. You can choose between sleek black and natural skin color. Get this today and feel its elasticity!



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  • Slim fit & high waisted designs, reshape & tone silhouette
  • High-waisted & thickened woven for mid section & tummy flattening control
  • Anti-hook, hard wearing material
  • Patented Stretchy layer fabric
  • Goes with any outfit
  • Ultra soft fabric blend for comfortable wearing
  • Sweat-wicking & squat proof material


  • High-elastic Stovepipe socks X 1


  • Material: Acrylic and Nylon、Green tea oil 
  • Color: Black, Beige
  • Size: Large, Extra Large, Super Large