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6 Steel Razors Trimmer Head

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No more struggling fixing string trimmers! No more wasting money buying string replacements!

No more spending long hours cleaning up your lawn!

With the 6 Steel Razors Trimmer Head, you’ll get a well-manicured lawn in no time. A better and lighter alternative to a pricey, bulky lawnmower, it’ll make mowing extremely satisfying as you can cut through grass, shrubs, bushes and even tree branches in one clean swipe.

  • Makes trimming a breeze: Cut & trim grass, shrubs, bushes & woods effortlessly
  • Wide application: Great for gardening, golf course, landscaping
  • Hassle-free installation: Easy setup on any trimmer
  • Durable, long-lasting blades: Made of high-quality, rust-free, razor-sharp steel. Designed with 360° blades for full coverage cutting with no dead spots.
  • NO using: Scissors, clunky lawnmower, or weak string trimmers
  • NO spending: Money on professional mowers 
  • NO wasting: Time & energy on long hour cleaning

Every Gardener Need To Have This!!

  • Love to mow the lawn at an incredible speed
  • Want to cut your trimming time in half
  • Need to wade through thick weeds, bushes & branches without a falter
  • Like to save money on accessories or hiring PRO mowers
  • Intend to keep your lawn clean but without putting too much pressure on yourself