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Acne And Black Head Tweezers

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This amazing tool allows you get rid of those pesky blackheads yourself! Getting rid of your pesky blackheads can be tricky and could lead to serious infection if not done correctly! This tool will definitely do the job! Proven safe and effective!



Stainless steel: Anti-rust, Anti-corrosion and 100% safe-free to maintain the healthy skin with stainless steel blackhead extraction tool. 

Using it without pain: Works on all types of skin, and won't cause any damage and scarring. Scientific even tips hold things firmly and won't irritate your skin or bring any hurt. We don't suggest using any blackhead remover tool before the acne matured.

Surgical grade: The professional blackhead extractor tool is surgical grade and safe to remove a blemish, pimple, comedones, acne, and splinter. It will keep your face, nose, skin clean and smooth.



Material: Metal
Color: Silver
Tweezer A: Gib Head
Tweezer B: Bend Head
Tweezer C: Pointed Head
Size: 11.5cmx0.9cm