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Car Retractable Windshield Sun Shade Curtain With UV Protection

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Annoyed by too much sunlight and heat after you parking your car in summer? The temperature of  your car seats are too high to sit when you back to your car? Always need the air condition to cool the air in the car? 

The Car Retractable Windshield Sun Shade Curtain With UV Protection is designed for you. Protect your car from the sunlight perfectly!


1. Unique design allows it to be installed easily using suction cups.

2. When you are ready to drive, you can fold up the sun shade and easily store it anywhere in your vehicle.

3. The durable construction ensures that the windshield cover provides coolness in the summer.

4. It is designed to prevent your car interior from heating up and blocking the UV rays of the sun from hitting your car directly.

5. Retractable design, allows user to save time when removing the parasol.

6. This product is made of aluminum alloy memory. The problem can be recovered from the foldable folding manual and can be folded several times without affecting use.

Technical specifications:

1. Material: Outer Layer-Aluminum Foil; Inner Layer-Photocatalysis Film

2. Folded Dimensions: 46/65 / 70cm * 160-180cm (open length)

3. Folded size: 4 * 45cm)


1. Clean the installation site with a wet towel.

2. Press the key suction cup

3.Turn up the shade and return the key suction cup to the top.

4. Aligned wiping position

5. Install the small suction cup in the main driver seats

6. Pull the leather by hand and pull towards the position of the small suction cup.

7. Hang the hook on the small suction cup and put the shading plate down.

8.Pls noted that we have two colors for suction cups (Black / Transparent), suction color cups transport out by random

9. Measure your car window size before you order it, make sure the size opened longer than your window's length

Package Includes:

1 x Car Retractable Windshield Sun Shade Curtain With UV Protection

2 x Suction cup (Transparent / Casual Black)