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Safe, comfortable and soft Dog Towel

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Make drying your dog easier with the Dog Towel!

This super absorbent microfiber dog towel can hold up to seven times its weight in water - perfect after a long walk or a downpouring of rain!

Worry no more about walking your dog in the rain with our Dog Towel, the perfect companion for your car or hallway. Manufactured from high-quality materials that can be machine washed and dried, the  Dog Towel is quick drying, odor free, and perfect for cleaning your dog after a day in the rain. We’ve hand-selected this product for its convenient hand pocket, allowing you to clean and dry the underbelly of your dog and stop them from bringing in water into your home, even if you’re the owner of one truly messy pup.

The Dog Towel works so well because of its unique ‘noodles’ - fine strands that have been woven together for durability and absorbance. These  Dog Towels are fast drying, meaning you can leave it in your car or hallway for the next time you need it, without having to worry about popping it in the clothes dryer after every use. In short, the  Dog Towel is one dog accessory you simply cannot live without, soaking up water and dirt like a sponge with a comfortable, ergonomic design with non-slip backing.


  • Attractive gray design that’s soft on dogs.
  • Holds seven times its weight in water.
  • Quick drying to keep your car or home smelling fresh.
  • Hand pocket designed to dry underbellies in no time.
  • Size Jumbo: 32" x 16" 


  • 1 x Dog Towel

Commonly Asked Questions

Our Dog Towel smells. How can I clean it?

The Dog Towel is machine washable friendly and can be dried outside or in a tumble dryer. We recommend washing your  Dog Towel once per month to keep it looking and smelling its best - more regularly in the winter months when it’s in regular use. If you prefer, you can clean the  Dog Towel by hand with soapy water.

Where should I store my Dog Towel?

We recommend that you store your Dog Towel in a dry place where there is plenty of natural light. The Dog Towel features a small strap on the shammy, allowing you to easily hang and hook your Towel to clothes rails, coat hangers, and more.

Can I use the Dog Towel on a cat?

Of course! Whilst the Dog Towel was designed for dogs in mind, it’s also suitable for cats and other small animals. In fact, during our testing, we found that cats loved the feel of the  Dog Towel and its microfibre noodles - it’s the perfect way to give your loved one some much-needed attention at the end of a busy day in the office!