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Door Bottom Rubber Seal Strip

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Door Bottom Rubber Seal Strip  
Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip: Windproof, dust-proof, weatherproof, energy-saving, and soundproof.
  • Strong Adhesive: In order to make sure longtime working, our door seal uses Strengthen-Self-Adhesive, enough strong to attach on surface of door bottom or window.
  • High Quality & Safe Material: door bottom seal strip made with flexible Acrylic rubber, Non-toxic and environmentally protection material, no any irritating smell, good for family use.
  • Wide application: The weather stripping can be used in the bottom of sliding window/door, plastic-steel windows, security door, closet door, threshold, shower room and etc.

 About this product

May you please extend them a great deal.Door bottom rubber seal strip is a flexible and resilient material designed to reduce the transfer of water and air between the area underneath a door and its surrounding walls.
After learning so much information about the best new door extender, I realized that there might be a lot of people that still do not understand what a door bottom rubber seal strip is, or why it may be necessary if they have a door. If you are here, then this is going to be a very easy article to read since I will try to explain it in the simplest of terms. Bottom of the door is a seal. It can prevent water and cold wind from penetrating into the car, and the dust cannot get into the car.

A good door bottom rubber seal strip can keep the outside of your car clean and comfortable. Door bottom rubber seals, also known as sweep seals, door sweeps and threshold seals, are used to prevent warm and cool air from escaping through the cracks around exterior doors. Many homes and businesses can benefit tremendously from using door bottom rubber strips as they help to ensure more comfortable and energy-efficient living and working environments.

Since we introduced the rubber door bottom strip five years ago, we have received positive feedback from our customers. Every customer who buys it gives it a 10 of 10, and we’ve created a 4.7-star rating based on 1,033 reviews on the product page.

Regardless of the size and scale of your home it is imperative to make sure you maintain its doors and frames. Regular maintenance will help prevent deterioration and prolong the life-span of all associated materials which will translate into big savings in the long run.


  •  Picking the best door bottom rubber seal strip is no easy task.
  • And with restricted budgets it's necessary that you consider all your options to meet your requirements with ease.
  • This rubber seal strip is a must have for every garage doors. It has a simple, professional appearance and easy application.
  • Length: 5M (16.4FT)
  • Width: 25/35/45MM (1.0/1.4/17.7in)
  • Color: White, Brown, Translucent
  • Scope of application: all kinds of windows, wooden doors, security doors, wardrobes, etc.

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