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Professional Eyebrow Tattoo Pen Liner

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Long Lasting Eyebrow Pen.
Like a tattoo Without Pain
Color: Light Brown, Black Brown
Package including 1 X Eyebrow Pen

How to use:

  1. After night face-washing, take any water and oil away then draw your eyebrows meticulously with the Tonymory 7 Days Tatoo Eyebrow. (If you draw on a make-up base or color makeup, you will get less effective.)
  2. Draw your eyebrows to think it's slightly skewed.
  3. Then modify the area where requires a modification with a cotton swab lightly before it dry.
  4. Recommended to use it before 1-2 hours before going to bed in the evening.
  5. After 6 hours after applying it, it sticks to your eyebrows and color-developed completely.
  6. If you do retouching after about 3-4 days (when it is getting fade), you can maintain the color like a semi-permanent
  7. This item is dyed in stratum corneum. so it is Not erased by sweat, water. Self Tattoo Eyebrow that lasts 3-7 days once you conveniently draw your eyebrows after night face-washing.