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Shower Head Filter

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Why choose this shower head?

  • - 60% water savings, save the planet.
  • - Save on your water bill.
  • - Eliminates limescale.
  • - Softens the skin and purifies the water.
  • - Makes skin and hair soft.
  • - Helps to remove cellulite.
  • - Recommended by laboratories for sensitive skin.
  • A unique technology thanks to the small stones of Tourmaline, Germanium and Clay present in the handle.

The natural stones of Tourmaline, Germanium and Clay will purify the water and neutralize the limestone, chlorine and impurities. No more dry and irritated skin, instead the skin will be moisturized and softer with a regulated PH. This water, as pure as a mountain waterfall, eliminates or reduces soap and shampoo by its natural power and removes odors and bacteria.

Doctor Louis Lamard gives his opinion:

We were very surprised by the quality and benefits of the showerhead after a laboratory test. These natural stones of tourmaline, clay and germanium will remove the bacteria present in the water and neutralize limestone and chlorine, thus removing any aggressive agent and stabilizing the PH. The skin is thus preserved and naturally hydrated. In reality, manufacturers boast about the benefits of hypoallergenic cosmetic bath products, but it is the water that plays the main role in skin care. If the water is cleaned of its impurities then using a simple soap in small doses is enough.

Technical characteristics:

  • 60% less water. Up to 60% less water with an increase in power/pressure compared to your old showerhead.
  • 99% of users satisfied. According to our 2018 customer after sales survey 4 liters of water per minute.
  • 3 different jet modes. Soft, medium, powerful.
  • Universal fitting. Compatible with all shower pipes and installs in 30 seconds. Simply unscrew and screw on.
  • Weight of the shower: 190 grams, equivalent to an iPhone X.


We are proud to offer our product because we believe it is exceptional. However, we understand that buying online can be difficult. which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 90 days after receiving your package. Please, feel free to contact us if you have any question. 

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