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Multifunctional Kitchen Sink Drainer

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Drain off unwanted water with this gadget that doubles as a kitchen organizer!

The Multifunctional Kitchen Sink Drainer is an awesome tool that introduces efficiency and convenience to your kitchen. It's a sleek and simply constructed corner sink strainer that adds tidiness to your kitchen. It is designed to fit in your faucet corner and gives you easy access to your sponges, soap, and more. It is a practical tool and an essential part of your kitchen equipment to make your kitchen tidier and more fun to work in.

The Essential kitchen accessory

This strainer is a light apparatus with a triangular shape. It has a hollowed design with uniformly sized holes lining its bottom. This is ideal to drain out water fast. It will prevent damp conditions that encourage the breeding of bacteria. It can be made to hang with good suspension, requiring no punching, or sticking. This leaves your walls or other surfaces unharmed. It can be conveniently hung on your tiles or smooth walls whether in your bathroom or kitchen. It also comes with strong suction suckers. This gives a stable anti-skid property, making the strainer stay firmly in place, able to bear more of your heavier loads.


● Easy installation and de-installation

Installing it is easy with no complex knowledge needed. You simply form a triangle structure using the suction cup and two supporting ends. It is also easily detached as it is a simple basket.

● Universal fit

The strainer has a unique design making it fit perfectly in the corners of most sinks. It is also very compact, which won’t take any extra space in your sink.

● Durable and easy to clean

This is a long-lasting accessory that hardly gets tarnished or degraded with use. It is easy to maintain and can be kept in clean and hygienic conditions.

● Wide application

It can function for many practical uses in your house. It works as an organizer for your cleaning sponges or scrubbers. It can neatly handle your bathroom soaps by storing them and draining off excess water. It is also excellent as a vegetable and fruit drain basket. You can hold your waste such as fruit or potato shavings before disposal.


● Enhances tidiness

It will give your kitchen or household tidiness and neatness. Your small kitchen gadgets can conveniently be stored or organized in their interior. You can keep or organize articles like toothbrushes, soap, or sponges.


● Safe for use

It is made from tough PP material which is non-toxic. This makes it environmentally friendly and safe to use in your kitchen. You can confidently use it for your fruits and vegetables with no harm to your family’s health.

Technical specifications

Material: PP

Installation method: free punch

Size: 20 x 22.5cm (7.87 X 8.85cm)

Color classification: gray, pink

Number of layers: 1 layer


1 x Multifunctional Kitchen Sink Drainer