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Multifunctional Lawn Sprinkler 360° Automatic Rotating Sprinkler

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  • Propeller design concept Three-way propeller design, each sprinkler rod has multiple outlets with different angles and sprays to each corner at different angles to make irrigation more even
  • Streamlined base design ABS material, can be used regardless of the terrain, stable placement, easy to use
  • The curved streamline body that is closer to the ground converts the air flow from the swing arm into pressure, making it more compliant with uneven ground and stable work
  • Tandem rotary nozzle installation can be connected in series with multiple sprays according to your needs
  • Covering a wide area, a single spray area is about: 50m2-75m2 (the range is related to the water pressure)


s-l500 (3)

s-l500 (4)

s-l500 (5)

s-l500 (6)

s-l500 (7)

Product Specification


Size: 250*208*100mm

Color: Black

Working Method: hydraulic drive

Flow Rate: hydraulic drive

Scope Of Application: garden spraying, lawn irrigation, land spraying

Range: spraying diameter is about 8-10 meters