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Outdoor Water Purifier

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Tired of lugging bottled water on your hiking or camping trips? With our Outdoor Water Purifier, you can make any water safe to drink. Using activated carbon, it purifies 99.99% of harmful bacteria, parasites, and other impurities. Be prepared for any emergency with the reusable Outdoor Water Purifier.

Drink directly from the filter with the included spout. When not drinking, close the spout cover to keep it clean. Screw directly onto a bottle, or open the bottom flap and insert it into any container.


  • Reusable - Reuse again and again.  This will quickly become the most important piece in your camping gear.
  • Lightweight - Stop hauling a case of bottled water on your trips. All you need is this filter.
  • Versatile - Use with a canteen, flask, bottle, or cup. Screw directly onto standard size bottlenecks.
  • Included Mouthpiece - Use the mouthpiece to drink directly from a stream or other water source. Or, quench your thirst by collecting water in your bottle or container, then attaching the filter.

Essential Survival Gear 

If you live where the water filtration is unreliable, just toss this filter in your bag. Wherever you go, you’ll have access to fresh, safe water.

Filters 99.99%

Eliminate 99.99% of harmful bacteria, parasites, and chemicals. Make any water drinkable in seconds with our Outdoor Water Purifier.