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Pigmented White Waterproof and Long Lasting Glazed Highlighter - Glides Smoothly on Your Skin and Gives You an Edgy Look!

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Tired of looking for the perfect highlighter, but all in vain? The 2 in 1 glazed highlighter is the product you need. It glides on very smoothly on your skin and gives you a smooth, shiny look. It doesn't deliver that flaky, rough appearance; instead, you achieve a glossy and sleek look. It is waterproof, so rest assured that it won't come off in the rain or even when you sweat. It is long-lasting and doesn't require frequent touch-ups. Highlighters have come a long way, and this one is a must-have to keep up with the fashion trends and achieve a stunning look. This 2 in 1 glazed highlighter can be used both as an eye shadow or a highlighter.


  • Performs two functions, that of an eye shadow and a highlighter
  • Smoothly glides on your eyes and imparts a glossy look
  • Waterproof and long-lasting, so, say goodbye to touch-ups and don’t worry in the rains
  • Adds sparkle to your eyes and makes them look shiny and smooth
  • Easy to apply and easy to remove