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Portable Clothes Hair Trimmer

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Are you troubled by the hairballs on cotton wool products such as sweaters, sofas, bed sheets, and tablecloths? And are you looking for an easy and safe way to keep your clothes and fabrics clean and neat? Our Portable Clothes Hair Trimmer can help you solve all your problems.

The hair trimmer helps you to clean all fabrics, clothes, curtains, pillows, carpets, etc. It effectively removes lint, hairball, and thread more easily and quickly without the need for electricity. The tool is portable so you can carry with you anywhere to give your clothes a neat and tidy surface. It is safe to use on your clothes as it does not damage the fabric.


  • Easy to Use

This lint remover is very effective.  It is easy to use and comfortable to handle. No need to lug the vacuum up and down steps, or the broom dustpan to clean up minor spills. Use our 2 in 1 cordless vacuum hair trimmer and clean up in seconds effortlessly.

  • High Quality

The portable clothes hair trimmer is made of high-quality material which is durable, lightweight, and never needs batteries. You only need to slide it back and forth over the mess and watch it sweep up like magic. The metal mesh does not scratch your clothes and leaves no residue.

  • Fabric Care

The equipment helps you to remove hairballs and lint from clothes which keeps them fresh and extends life. You can use it to remove hair and threads on the sofa cushion, tablecloth and chair cover caused by the cat’s claws.

It helps to keep your home clean and tidy. The product is suitable for all types of fabric textiles such as sweaters, scarves, yoga clothes, cotton, linens, lycra, duvets, curtains, sofas, and much more.

  • Portable

Our product is small in size making it easy to carry whenever you want to travel. The trimmer can perfectly fit in your purse so you are always ready to clean up messes especially in restaurants after lunch with kids. You can keep one in the house and one in your car or purse.

  • Effective

With this product, you can collect hairs, crumbs, and debris effortlessly storing them in the sweeper for easy removal. It quickly and easily removes hair from furniture and clothing giving you a comfortable and healthy living environment.

  • Versatility

This tool can be used on a wide range of fabrics. You can also use it to groom your pets keeping them comfortable all day. The hair trimmer keeps your clothes, beddings, and furniture free from pet hair. It is also designed to groom your pet so you can keep your pet comfortable and clean.


Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 8 cm by 6.4 cm by 2 cm


1 x Portable Clothes Hair Trimmer