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Portable Collapsible Pet Water Bottle

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Promote Health and Vitality for your Pet!

Do you plan to go for a walk, hike, vacation, or any other activity with your adorable dog?

The pets sure love that, look at the smiley excited look on their faces! But before then, did you know that panting, breathing, urinating, and defecating can lead to dehydration in pets? That’s why it’s important to make sure they stay hydrated!

This Portable Collapsible Pet Travel Water Bottle is all you need as you step out with your dog. It allows you to dispense water into the reservoir by simply pressing one button on the bottle.

By doing this, your pet feels the comfort and joy from the people around which helps further interaction between the pet and the owner. 


  • Carbon filter:

The water bottle comes with a carbon filter that helps to purify the water, hence keeping your pet safe.

  • Easy to Carry:

There is a cord attached to the collapsible bottle which can be secured to your wrist, bag, or the object you choose. It makes the bottle convenient for everyday walking, hiking, and at the beach.

  • Gives your Pet Fresh Clean Water:

Having fresh water for your pets prevents health issues related to drinking water from public water bowls.

  • Easy to Use:

The open and close function button can be operated with one a single hand. Press the water button after turning the open/close switch to create a refreshing and hydrating pool of water for your furry companion. Give man’s best friend what they desire!

  • Large Capacity:

Carry 300ml of water and is easily refilled by twisting the water container off. Besides, you can drain the water back into the water bottle when your puppy has had enough.

Technical Specifications:

  • Color: Pink/Blue/Orange and Green
  • Capacity: 350ml
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Portable Collapsible Pet Travel Water Bottle


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