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Portable Electronic Drum

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More Fun to Play Loud or Quiet. Your perfect Stress Relief Partner

If you want to practice the drum set in an apartment but do not wanna disturb your families or neighbors. You have come to the right page.
After connecting a headphone through the phone jack you can enjoy your own music world quietly. Not only you can make practicing quieter, but also make practicing more efficient, perfect for private practice or late night playing.

If you want to rock in deep bass outside but it is not convenient to take a speaker or other device along with you, just take this electronic drum set out.
After playing the electronic drum set that with built-in dual speakers, you will get the astonishing bass effect, our engineers took on the challenge of making a drum set with a speaker this small but deliver clean clear highs and mids, it can be used at home, outdoor, party.

Are you looking for a gift?
The roll-up drum set is not only suitable for kids age 3+, but also can be a birthday, Christmas gift for children, youth, friend. Making you feel absolutely the same as a real drum.

- Question: Do the pedals work just like a regular drum set's pedals (one is for the hi-hat, the other is for the bass/kick)?
Answer: Yes they do. By pressing the "SPECIAL" button, you can change the position of pedal HI-HAT and Snare Drum so as to fit the hand use habit of the performer and avoid any play inconvenience caused by drum stick crossing in the same plane.

- Question: Is this electronic drum set a good starting place for new drummers?
Answer: Yes, it is. You can use the built-in metronome to practice a sense of rhythm. Your musicianship will start from a roll-up drum set.

Package includes
1 x Roll Up Drum
2 x Drum Sticks
1 x USB Cable`
1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 x User Manual