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Postpartum Belly Wrap

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Restore your pre-baby body and regain your confidence after giving birth

Pregnancy takes a toll on our body as well as the spine. This postpartum recovery belt not only helps to regain pre-pregnancy shape. It helps to correct the spine & posture. This 3-in-1 belt is targeted to flatten your tummy & hips, and helps to reduce saggy skin. With the optimal amount of compression, it helps prevent enlargement of fat cells. It also helps compress your uterus to not only return the uterus to its original size, but to help swelling go down and extra fluid come out. 

SOFT & BREATHABLE: Our 3 in 1 Postpartum Belly Wrap is made to be soft to touch without causing skin irritation. Using breathable and elastic mesh, it contours perfectly around your body with maximum comfort. Wearing a layer under the belly band is highly recommended.

SHRINKING OF TUMMY: Your body has just carried a miracle, it's time to get your body back in shape. Our Postpartum Belly Wrap tucks your stomach in, helping to shrink your womb back to pre-pregnancy size, while supporting your other organs in realigning back to their pre pregnancy state.

OPTIMUM BACK SUPPORT: Carrying your baby in your womb for 9 months will cause a strain to your back. Our Pregnancy Belly Wrap will support your back, reducing back aches and help you keep a good posture while breastfeeding your baby.

PELVIC SUPPORT: Be it vaginal birth or c section, your pelvis would have widened when your body got ready for labor. Use the pelvis band to get your pelvis back in shape. You can also use it as a pregnancy belly band to support your heavy belly as well.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - "Mommies buy this now"

"This belt has been amazing for my c-section recovery. I didnt use one with my first child and I wish I had! The instructions said to wait 6 weeks before wearing it but I spoke with my doctor and he said I could start wearing it in the hospital so I would recommend talking to your doctor. Overall it helps give me more energy during the day. It helps with my posture (nursing slouch is real) and feels comfortable with pressure supporting my front side. Im 2 weeks postpartum and wear it when im up and about. Definetly a must have for new moms."


Material: Nylon,Spandex


Package Includes

1 x Postpartum Belly Wrap