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Powerful Pool Vacuum Cleaner

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Are you looking for a perfectly clean swimming pool at this summer? Easily clean any pool with our pool cleaner! Efficient and fast, independent of the filtration system, it works with the pressure of a garden hose. The same suction power over the entire surface thanks to a patented design. Brush and vacuum dust, debris, bottom leaves. Suitable for cleaning small swimming pool, spa, pond and hot tub, etc. This pool cleaner has a dual function: it sucks out impurities and brushes the bottom of the pool. The vacuum cleaner brush is connected to the garden hose system.


1. Do you have to hook this to to get it to work/ It requires hose hook up? It comes with quick hose connector, easy to connect with any standard garden hose(Not Included Hose) quick hose connector, easy to connect it with any standard garden hose.

2. Does this picks up sand? / Does it clean dirt and sand off the bottom ?? Yes, it can! The water pressure from the hose creates a suction effect, which pulls leaves, sand and debris into the collection bag.

3. What is the scope of application of this product? The pool jet vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning swimming pool, spa, pond and fountain, etc. The pool jet vacuum cleaner is suitable for standard garden hose.

4.Does this come with a pole? Yes, A long pole

5. Does this vaccum have to be attached to the pump? No, it attaches to a garden hose. The suction of the dirt comes from the water pressure from the hose.

6. Can you use on vinyl pools? Yes, I have an Intex 8' blow up pool and it works great.

7. Do does this have to connect to the pool? No, It just need to connect the garden hose.

Package Included:

1X Brush Head

1X Handle

1X Quick Connector

1X Mesh Bag

1X Water Inlet