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Precision 6-Sided Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler Template Tool

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Make a Cut With No Brainer

Calling all craftsmen, builders, weekend gladiators, and DIY-ers. Time to add a useful thing in your box that actually makes your life easier.

Presenting, The 6 sided Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler with drilling locator is a marker tool that helps you finish your home projects effortlessly.

Reasons To Add This To Your Toolbox

  • IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY: Reduce all the repetitive measuring work, minimize potential re-work.
  • PRECISE MEASURING: Lock the angle in shapes, patterns, and templates to create the required angle imprint. No more guesswork.
  • SAVE TIME: Find and lock the required angle for repetitive use as a reusable stencil. Quick and easy. Perfect for tile works.
  • FLEXIBLE: With a 6-sided angle mechanism and slide rulers. this tool is able to create templates and hole positioning in no time. 
  • DURABLE & LIGHT: Made of fiberglass-filled nylon, it is tough & durable to outlast any job, yet light and compact enough to be easily portable.

Precision 6 sided multi angle measurement tool

All these benefits make this tool essential for handymen and professionals.

A Versatile Tool

  • Suitable for woodworking, crafts, home projects, DIYs, Engineering etc.
  • Create layouts in tilework, bricks, stonework, lumber work, laminate.
  • Creating bumps, bends, bull-eye, arches, plumb cuts, hole positioning.

How to Use It?

  • Place Multi-Angle Measurement Ruler onto your desired work area.
  • Use the sliding ruler or drilling locator to find the desired template.
  • Lock and tighten the screws to get the required stencil for your work.
  • Mark it, and cut it.

6 Sided Multi Angle Measurement Tool


Package Include

1 Set x 6 sided Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler. each set contains 1x Drill locator + 6x sliding rulers.

Notes: Some work might need more than 1 (one) set of this ruler. Thus, we recommend you buy more for future projects.