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Premium Wireless Push up Bra - 3 Pack

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Hey, women who don't like to wear uncomfortable bras!

FINALLY, in 2018 there's a new wireless bra using the LATEST TECHNOLOGY designed by experts and board-certified plastic surgeons which lingerie stores are worried you know about and that can fix the bad support and sagging-breast problem overnight and guaranteed...

Imagine yourself daily using a bra that not only get you rid of painful and uncomfortable metal wires but also offers you real support and lifting for your breast and which is so comfy, you even can sleep with this on!

Renowned doctors and experts on the subject warn women they have been using the wrong size all this time, but that's not the whole truth...

The truth is they have been using THE WRONG BRA all this time! And several years of getting no support will impact the lift and shape.

As you know, bras are a human invention, so by nature women are not designed to use a bra that squeezes their breast and causes them an ugly pain in the sides because of the wires. But that same nature is which causes sagging due to gravity effect over time. According to doctors, that can be very harmful to health.

That's the primary reason which motivated us to create a bra that women don't even realise they're wearing it because this is so comfortable, breathable and soft that they can feel their breast free for the first time, just as they were always topless. 

Since the fact bras can be a true "pain in the neck", women can think that just stop using them can be the real solution to avoid this situation, but that's not actually true. Not using a bra can be a good idea for sleeping or stay at home, but certainly not wearing them in a daily basis can be counterproductive and even very awkward.

So, here is a real solution: our Wireless Pushup Bra not only offers the freedom of feeling comfortable using a bra but also gives real support and lifting to women's breast all day and all night. Yes, you read well, this bra is so comfortable that can be used even to sleep with this on since this doesn't have that ugly metallic wires that always stick on the sides. 

  • Material: 96% nylon and 4% spandex.
  • Knitted wide support band eliminates the need for underwires.
  • Suitable for everyday wear.
  • Easy to slip in, form fitting seamless construction with soft contour cups.
  • Constructed with our Everlast, comfort stretch fabric.
  • Beautiful sleep bra.
  • 1 set = 3pcs bra

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