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Rainbow Canopy Cat Bed with Removable Cat Cushion

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The Foldable Rainbow Canopy Cat Bed with Removable Cat Cushion is not just made for snuggling and for cat play, it's super stylish too. 

The frame can be pulled up over the bed to create a private snoozing spot with its own canopy so when it’s time for a cat nap, your cat can catch some z’s inside this cozy nook. When your cat wakes up and is ready to play, they can bat around the soft toy that hangs down from the canopy. For easy storage, the frame folds down, and you can take this bed along with you when you travel. It’s the perfect bed for cats of all ages and sizes.

The design of the bed is a half surrounded structure, convenient for pets to enter and exit. It is designed to be soft and cozy and made with high-quality plush fabric, which can promote pets’ sleep quality. The cat bed has a removable cat pillow that provides plenty of cushioning, and it’s easy to clean with its handy zip to remove the canopy and outer layer. 

Suitable for cats and small dogs; for pets less than 5kgs.


  • Comfortable and super-soft plush cat canopy bed. 
  • Light-weight and portable, making it also perfect for traveling.
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble with a foldable and removable canopy.
  • Suitable for cats and small dogs. 
  • Plush finish - super-soft, warm and cozy design.
  • Filled with pet-safe elastic PP cotton filling for extreme comfort.
  • Ergonomic design for pets to conveniently enter and exit.
  • Specially designed for your pet, to promote comfort, calm, and health.
  • Washable and easy to clean, making it safe and hygienic.
  • The base cloth is made of waterproof and moisture-proof materials, which can block moisture and humidity on the ground, inhibiting the growth of mold and other bacteria.

Type: Cat Canopy, Cat Cave, Cat Nest.

Material: Long Plush, Faux Crystal Cotton, PP Cotton Filling.

Colors: Rainbow with Pink Cushion.

Features: Made from high-quality Plush fabric, for a super-soft finish. The material is durable, as well as easy to cleanSuper quick and easy to assemble, and even easier to disassemble again and fold to save space when not in use, pack for traveling, or clean and wash.

Use: Indoor super soft, plush cat canopy to create a safe, calming space for your cat to rest and relax. Easy to disassemble when not in use to save space, making it perfect for indoor use in any size home, including apartments, Tiny Homes, or other small spaces.

Suitable Pets: Recommended for small-sized pets under 5kgs. Ideal for cats, small dogs, and puppies.

Wash Style: Hand wash

Package Includes: 1 x Rainbow Canopy Cat Bed with Removable Cat Cushion. 

Size Guide:

  • 45cm(W) x 35cm(H) /  17.72" (W) x 13.78" (H)

Suitable for cats and small dogs; for pets less than 5kgs.