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Security Gate for Pets and Children

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110x72 cm
180x72 cm
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Security Gate for Pets and Children

Stylish and compact, is a children and pets safety gate that was designed with simple installation, ease of use, durability, and most of all safety in mind.

Investing in This gate is an investment in your family and your home and we know how you want that to be an investment that will last.

-Durable & Sturdy:
The mesh is very durable, yet still allows you to clearly see through it. The Gate is made from a scratch-resistant mesh that has been proven durable for big dogs. In other applications this same mesh is used for truck tarps to hold down cargo, so dogs will not be able to bust through it. 

- STOP Your Dog From Running Out of the Front Door

-Easy to install

-Indoor and outdoor :
The product has been extensively tested in outdoor uses with flawless results. We have tested it outside during a full Iowa winter, again, with flawless results.

-keep your baby away from hazardous stairs and off-limits areas like the kitchen.

-Perfect for doorways, between walls, or stairwells, indoors and outdoors

-Lightweight & Portable: It can be easily stored without requiring a lot of space,

-High Quality & Standard Approved.All gate lines are tested to the safety standards, meeting or exceeding both ASTM or EN standards.


Material : Nylon Mesh
Size : 110x72 cm and 180x72 cm


Package Included

* 1 x Security Gate for Pets and Children
* 4x Sticky hooks
* Installation components