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Shoes dryer-Hot sale-Essential for autumn and winter

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  • The shoe dryer can dry, eliminate bad odor and sanitize shoes! Protecting your shoes from humidity! Your feet have never felt this comfortable before !

Main Features

  • Solve Odor & Enjoy Dryness
    Built-in PTC heating element, the core temperature is up to 150 ℃, destroy the living environment of microorganisms through high temperature and drying, take away odor, inhibit the growth of microorganisms.
  • Dual-core Ring Heating
    The two heating elements are placed at the two ends of the ring-shaped shoe dryer respectively, which is suitable for more shoe types to heat evenly at the same time, and fast drying.
  • Porous Heat Dissipation
    The densely distributed 1532 radial arrangement openings form a ring-shaped heating flow in the shoe when heating, taking into account the sole, the upper and the dead corner of the drying area, evenly drying.
  • Third Gear Timing
    For shoes of different material thicknesses, set 3/6/9 hours three-speed timer shutdown, dry and fluffy just right.
  • Fire Retardant
    ABS UL94 V0 fire-retardant and flame-retardant shell, automatically carbonized when heated.
  • Comprehensive Coverage
    Suitable for a variety of shoe types

Model selection

Regular Edition: Plug and Play

Wire-controlled version: three-speed timing



Safety reminder

1.Only suitable for drying damp or slightly wet shoes and socks after dehydration. Thoroughly soaked shoes and socks, please use the washing machine to dehydrate or air dry until no dripping before using this product. Please keep away from children, elderly and pets.

2.It is strictly forbidden to touch the heating element with the hand immediately after the drying is finished, and then take it out of the shoe when the heating element cools naturally.

3.Shoes and socks may produce an unpleasant odor during the drying process, please use this product in a ventilated place.

4.Do not use this product in damp places, such as toilets and bathrooms, to prevent safety hazards caused by short circuit of shoe dryer.

5.This product is only used in daily home environment, not suitable for barn, livestock shed, gas station and explosive dust place.

6.The shoe dryer cannot be washed. After use, you can use a soft cloth that does not drip to wipe the surface of the product.

What is the difference between the wired version and the regular version?

The wire-controlled version has a timing function, which can be set to 3/6/9 hours in three gears; The regular version can be used immediately after connecting to the power supply, and the operation is simpler. You can choose according to your needs.


Product Weight
  • 265G
Product Size
  • 170 × 71 × 29MM
Package Contents
  • Shoe dryer × 1
Color white,purple
Power 20W
Input voltage 220V-50Hz