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Silicone Portable Hand Bracelet Sanitizer Dispenser

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Silicone Portable Hand Bracelet Sanitizer Dispenser

Silicone Portable Hand Bracelet Sanitizer Dispenser

This travel hand sanitizer bracelet can be filled over and over again with any brand hand sanitizer. Never get sick from shaking hands with people again! The Silicone Portable Hand Bracelet Sanitizer Dispenser will only release the sanitizer if it senses that your hand is actually touching it!

  • It is washable, rewearable, The 8mm refill opening is wide enough to accomodate most product spouts.
  • Fill with your liquid of choice and press on the wristband's logo to dispense at your leisure.
  • Hand Sanitizer Wristband can hold up to 6mL-10mL of liquids and is easy to refill, Refillable Beak Bottle can hold 20mL~ 25mL liquids.
  • Strap it around your wrist or clip it to your backpack and dispense a small amount of hand sanitizer gel when you need it.
  • Silicone Refillable Sanitizer Wristband Provides An Easy And Convenient Way To Sanitize Your Hands On The Go.
  • Just fill the empty chamber with your favorite brand of hand sanitizing liquid or gel using the provided refillable bottle and cap.
  • The innovative design will ensure liquid only comes out when you need it.
  • Cute design makes it stylish and functional.
  • Adjustable strap makes it ideal for boys and girls, men and women.

  One of the most popularly ordered pieces at my site is the silicone portable hand bracelet sanitizer dispenser. It’s also one of our original products. It’s unique, colorful, and has a place for embroidery. The silicone portable hand bracelet sanitizer dispenser features a built-in strap that can be attached to a person's hand, which makes the product more convenient to use and appropriate for a variety of occasions. The silicone construction ensures that the product is lightweight and waterproof for use in a wide range of environments.

The sanitizer liquid will stay safely inside the disk unless it's squeezed. The liquid inside this foam cleaner will not dry out as long as the seal remains intact. As an added convenience, the straps are also adjustable for fit. Pretty much, the only place that you can experience a silicone hand bracelet sanitizer dispenser is in a hospital. However, if you're a supplier of medical, dental, and veterinary supplies for a healthcare facility, a medical institution or public health department, you know how important it is to have patients and visitors trust your operation. The last thing you need is patrons questioning the cleanliness of your facilities. In modern society, hand sanitizer has become a staple. What was once a small corner in the room of doctors and hospitals is now found tucked away in most public places, from showers to supermarkets. In fact, nowadays it may be difficult to find restrooms that do not have them – even public parks have dispensers.

If you value your life, behind your back! This is not a weapon... but you could probably use it as one if you wanted to be a little bit of a superhero. You know those those sanitary gel dispensers that everyone has stashed in the bathrooms at work? Yeah, now you can have one on hand all the time. Goodbye germs!

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