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Multi-Section Car Backseat Organizer – Keeps your Car Mess Free!

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The car backseat organizer is easy to clean up. The efficient organizer provides six different departments where you can keep your belongings. It can be really handy while traveling with kids. It had proved efficient in keeping your car organized. It can be folded and kept aside when not in use. The car backseat organizer is easy to install and all you need to do is clip it on whenever the need arises.

The car backseat organizer can also be used in keeping various materials for your kids, regular daily use objects while traveling, tissues, files and much more. While on a road trip you can get rid of your luggage by using the organizer as your storage unit the shoes, clothes, and toiletries can be kept separately. A multipurpose product to satisfy different consumers need!


  • Car backseat organizer having six mesh pockets
  • The efficient organizer leads to a mess-free car
  • The car backseat organizer is portable and can be collapsed when not in use
  • A multipurpose product which helps to keep our belongings in order
  • Easy to clip on to the back seat and use


  • Available Color: Green / Blue