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Smart Electric Cat Toy

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If you are looking for an interactive toy for your bored cat, Smart Electric Cat Toy could be just what you needed. Ideal for an active cat that likes to fight with toys. They can bite or kick or chase around the house.   

It gets your cat's attention and raises curiosity, making your cat enjoy the fun, and keeping your house tidy. The toy uses random movements to maintain your cat’s attention. 

It helps your cat do some exercise which is good for their health, and it can relieve the sad mood and release the pressure. The toy’s concentrated interactive play keeps your cat physically and mentally stimulated improving overall well-being and happiness.


  • Irregular Movement   

Smart Electric cat Toy can roll up on the mat, your cat will love it. It will keep your kitten busy and give her more indoor exercise when trying to catch the ball in motion. 

The batteries can run for a long time enough to entertain your cat and relieve stress when you leave him alone at home. It will automatically stop after 15 minutes if you choose the random mode and can also be stopped manually. Your cat will have fun playing with this kitty toy.

  • Durable

Made with sturdy material so no need to worry about the cat toy ball being scratched or bitten by the cat. It is durable and will serve your happy cat longer. It also has a color-changing LED lamp instead of a laser to protect your cat’s eyes.

  • 360 Degree Rotation Ball

Your cat will chase the self-rotating ball around and have fun with it. Insert the batteries and press the power button, the ball will start to do a 360 degrees self-rotation and attract your pet’s attention.

  • Interactive Pet Toy   

Your pet will no longer have days when it is boring and sitting around all day. When you turn on the ball, it will keep rotating around the house for your cat to have played and have endless fun. While you are busy and have little or no time to have fun with your pets, this ball will keep your pet busy and get them up and moving.

  • Automatic Ball     

The ball has a self-balancing system, it will automatically get back to its original position during play or when colliding with a wall, chair, door, etc. You can turn off when your cat is out of energy to prevent her from being overplayed.

  • Fun, Joy, and Care  

The spinning toy will take your cat from his lazy habits and develop natural hunting instincts. It has a colorful small ball that spins around teasing the cat and creating more interest. The cat will try to reach the prey for hours and this will keep him engaged and excited.

  • Safety   

Made with food-grade material that ensures your cat’s health.

Technical Specifications: 

  • Color: Shell Pink/ White/ Avocado green
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1x Smart Electric Cat Toy